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Rekruton is specialized in providing top most talent to a range of industries like financial services, construction, consulting, research and development. Being an extension to your business, we take time to understand your culture and work environment as much as staffing needs. We come up with domain specific knowledge and wide experience as well as a global network of top most talent to provide you the best people solutions.

Rekruton provides recruitment services for contract and full time permanent opportunities to some of the world’s leading brands. At Rekruton, we serve a wide range of industries like Banking and Finance, Fintech,Technology, R & D and Digital. Talk to our experts for advise on your career, your skills development and how we can help you to optimise your personal brand.

IT Recruitment
Non IT Recruitment
Back Office Support
Accountancy and Payroll

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Our services

IT Recruitment

Having young and passionate team from IT background, We have years of experience in providing IT recruitment services to clients across UK, USA, Europe and APAC.

Non IT Recruitment

Keeping our expertise at primary place, we also support recruitment for non IT sectors like: Banking & Insurance, Retail, Pharmaceuticals , Chemical/Petrochemical, Aviation, Manufacturing, Construction, etc

Back Office Support

Providing Back Office Support to the clients on their work related to database maintenance, GDPR, administration, email support and many more.

Accountancy and Payroll

We have experts team coming from accounts background and having years of experience handling all accountancy and payroll related work for the company and the clients.

What else we provide?

360 degree Recruitment

We take in charge for the 360 degree recruitment for clients globally for IT and Non IT field.

Support to Recruitment Agencies

We support to recruitment agencies on their IT and Non IT RPO process to their clients globally.

Sourcing Services

We also provide support with just sourcing services to clients globally for IT and Non IT field.

what else rekruton provides

How we do ?


We gather the requirements and analyse it, we understand the client's need and the business before start working on it.


After analysing the requirements, we will have a strategic plan in place that aligns with client's initial vision which makes goals achievable.


Next we identify the right recruiter for your needs who has the experience and relevant background to help your scale.


Upon identifying the right recruiter, the team will start sourcing using smart search strings by using conventional and non-conventional methods.


After sourcing, recruiter will screen the candidate's experience keeping client's need and expectation in mind and make sure whether he/she is a good fit or not.

Quality Assurance

After making sure that candidate is good enough to talk about the opportunity after screening his/her experience, recruiter will communicate with him/her to quality him/her properly on his/her experience and communication skills.


After talking to candidate about the opportunity, recruiter will keep the candidate's expectation and client's budget in mind and will negotiate with candidate on salary to give the best deal to both of them.


After closing the candidate, recruiter represent it to team manager who approves and if required then requalify him/her and further submit to the client.

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